Welcome to Life by Design

5927ce318bfbb8e183700700a07c8995Countless people today are disappointed with the way their lives are going.  Although they truly believe they were created for a divine purpose, deep in their hearts, they wonder what is so great about knowing God?

Do you have a reason for being, a focused sense of purpose in your life?  Or is your life the product of shifting resolutions and the myriad pulls of forces outside yourself?  Do you want to go beyond success to significance?  If you are interested in living your life’s calling you’ve come to the right place.

Our Services

There are several ways that Life by Design can help you individually as well as a group.  Our services can be provided one on one as well as in a group setting.

Life by Design Life Plan comes down to discovering God’ purpose for your life, and learning to live it.  It’s about finding what makes you re-energized everyday, and developing a design that works for you in every area of life.

Have you taken the time to take a look at your life and how it’s been unfolding.  Here is the opportunity to participate in a process that offers you a practical and proven approach to designing the rest of your life!

Life by Design is a nonprofit organization with the mission of providing life planning, strategic resources, servant leadership training (Lead Like Jesus)  and coaching for church and faith based leaders and organizations.

51QF80TA0BLAlways have a Dream. “Dreams give us energy to go to new levels.  Dreams change lives…  the power of life is in your Dreams”  If you are looking for your dream, Bob Cavinder and the Life by Design process will bring focus to the dream God has placed within you.  Having known Bob personally and in working with him over the years he and the Life by Design process will help you live your dreams.  I highly recommend it!

Rudy Ruettiger, Motivational speaker and author, also the inspiration behind the movie “Rudy”




For more information about Life by Design and Lead Like Jesus and our coach training please contact Bob Cavinder at rcavinder@lifebydesign.net or by phone at 714-651-4418 or complete the form below