About Life by Design

BobMichelle CDesigning lives that include purpose and passion is the driving force behind Life By Design.  Our goal is to provide you with the tools that will help you build your life based on God’s unique design for you.

We work with individuals, couples and organizations helping them find direction and clarity of purpose. We provide organizations and individuals with strategic life coaching, group team coaching, conferences & workshops, inspiring keynote speaking engagements, and private retreats.

Our transformational process includes content presentation, multimedia illustrations, group interaction, Q&A opportunities, personal planning and coaching assistance.

Are you becoming the person God designed you to be?  Your never to young and never to old to discover the dream that was placed in you at birth.

About Bob Cavinder and Michelle Cavinder

Bob Cavinder and Michelle Cavinder, are the founders of Life by Design, a non profit organization focused on helping individuals and ministry based organizations reach their full potential.

Bob and Michelle’s years of training has helped them to develop the techniques necessary to help people make the jump from knowledge – gaining new information, to wisdom – applying that knowledge correctly. This skill helps people make changes that last longer and makes a substantial difference in organizations.

They both have gained valuable insight into business by working with top business professionals from diverse industries.  Bob and Michelle use their energy and enthusiasm to encourage others to “make a difference.” Bob and Michelle have been instrumental in the development of many comprehensive training programs for the Crystal Cathedral and Life by Design and have trained people internationally.