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In a world in where we are daily forced to make decisions that lead us either closer to or further from our goals, no tool is as valuable in providing direction as a mission statement–a brief, succinct, and focused statement of purpose that can be used to initiate, evaluate, and refine all of life’s activities. A carefully thought out mission statement acts as both a harness and a sword–harnessing you to what is true about your life, and cutting away all that is false. Individuals and companies have recently been learning what history has demonstrated all along–that people or groups with carefully defined missions have always led and surpassed those who have none.

Now, you can take this journey of discovering YOUR path, in a one-day workshop experience. This one day experience integrates the Life by Design process along with the Path for Life and Work by Laurie Beth Jones. You will be led by a Licensed Facilitator who will help you to unpack, define and write your personal mission for your work and life.

Who Am I? First we will explore your personal element. This is based on The Four Elements of Success which Laurie presents in full detail in her book, The Four Elements of Success. This powerful personality profile provides an opportunity to understand yourself in a whole new way by looking at how you are “hard-wired” at your core. Why do you do the things you do? Why do you interact with people the way you do? And much more!

What is my Mission? This section of the process will show you how to write your mission statement in a short, simple, powerful way that has the ability to affect everything you do going forward.

What is my Vision? In this segment we will step into the vision process and end with an actionable To-Do list for living out your personal mission and vision.

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Life by Design – Two Day Process

The Life by Design Life Plan Process

482711131The Life by Design Life Plan workshop will help you build the life you were intended to live.  The principles we will share with you are based upon principles revealed in the Bible about what life is worth living for.   Your life plan will be specific to you and as you listen to the stories of your life, you will identify the themes and seasons of your life, you’ll understand your hopes and heartaches and you will see how God is leading you into the rest of your story.

The Life Plan process can be done as a group and is also offered on a individual basis.

Session One:  Your Life Perspective

•Understanding your primary calling
•Defining the turning points in your life

•Assessing what season of life you are in

•Finding your true identity in Christ

Session Two:  Your Life Passion

•God’s unique dream for your life.
•You’ll develop a vision for the next 10 years of your life

Session Three:  Your Life Purpose

•Discovering and defining your vision and mission in life.
•Finding your life verse

Session Four:  Your Life Potential

•Assessing and understanding your spiritual gifts
•Discovering your strengths
•Understanding your personality type and your unique talents

Session Five:  Your Life Priorities

•A look at your at life domains
•Your roles and understanding how to set goals that align with your calling

Session Six:  Living Your Kingdom Life Plan

•Understanding of changes and transitions
•Transformation through surrender
•Your personal board of directors and your commitment of time, talent and treasure.

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