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Life by Design is a nonprofit organization located in Southern California with the mission of providing strategic resources, on personal leadership, servant leadership and coaching for individuals and organizations.

If you experience a Life by Design event, chances are you will be encouraged and equipped to understand servant leadership and to discover your God-given and personal purpose.  Our workshops and Mastermind groups are interactive, and we facilitate a personalized group coaching process that provides ideas, stories and self-assessment tools to help people make God the center point for their leadership and life.

Lead Like Jesus Leadership Encounter

Starts Saturday, July 15, 2023    8:30AM -10:00 AM Pacific Time via ZOOM

The Encounter is limited to 12 participants and registration and materials are underwritten. Reserve your spot today!

The Lead Like Jesus Leadership Encounter has been developed by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges. Packed with action-oriented learning and reflection, the workshop closely examines Jesus as a leader and a model while equipping participants to lead like Jesus led.

Lead Like Jesus Leadership Encounter is a highly interactive, participant-driven seven week virtual leadership development workshop that exposes common leadership misconceptions and offers a practical model based on the greatest leader role model of all time, Jesus.

Who Should Attend?

  • Business Leaders
  • Managers
  • Pastors
  • Coaches
  • Team Leaders
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Board Members
  • Teachers
  • ANYONE who desires greater personal and professional influence!

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What Others Are Saying About Lead Like Jesus

Lead Like Jesus does such a profound job at connecting both our faith and our work.  The resources and training are theoretically elegant and immediately practical.

Patrick Lencioni, Bestselling Author and Speaker



There is no greater leadership model than Jesus, and Lead Like Jesus has taken years of experience identifying the leadership characteristics of Jesus that will affect your life and leadership.

John Maxwell, No. 1 New York Times bestselling author, coach and speaker



Lead Like Jesus promises a refurbishing, applicable perspective from the greatest Leader of all time!

Dan Cathy, CEO,Chick-fil-A



Created to Dream

Starts Saturday, October 14, 2023    8:30AM -10:00 AM Pacific Time via ZOOM – Registration Open Now

You Were Created to Dream

God has a dream for your life. Before you took your first breath, he had already placed the gift of imagination into your brain and hardwired creativity into every cell of your body. But discovering your God-given dream will take faith on your part—just as faith was required of great dreamers in the Bible such as Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Ruth, Esther, and others.

In this inspiring Mastermind Group, bestselling author Pastor Rick Warren reveals via video presentation how God uses a predictable process to grow your faith and develop your character so you can realize his dreams for your life. Each phase is a test of your faith:

Session One: Phase 1: Dream—God puts an exciting dream in your heart.

Session Two: Phase 2: Decision—You make the decision to go after the dream.

Session Three: Phase 3: Delays—God allows delays to get you ready for the dream.

Session Four: Phase 4: Difficulties—You face problems that grow your character.

Session Five: Phase 5: Dead Ends—Your situation become impossible.

Session Six: Phase 6: Deliverance—God miraculously fulfills the dream!

Whether you’re feeling stuck, forgotten, afraid, or uninspired, Created to Dream will give you the tools you need to awaken and pursue the custom-made dream God created you to fulfill.

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Living Your Life by Design

Next Session January 13, 2024    8:30AM – 10:00 AM Pacific Time via ZOOM – Registration Open

 God calls you to a purpose—to do good works—“tailor-made” just for you. And He gifts you with all you need to accom­plish that purpose.  Have you discovered your purpose or are you in a season of looking to re-purpose your life? If so, join us for Living Your Life by Design.

Your life plan will be specific to you and as you listen to the stories of your life, you will identify the themes and season’s of your life, you’ll understand your hopes and heartaches and you will see how God is leading you into the rest of the story.

The Life by Design Life Plan Workshop will help you build the life you were intended to live. The principles we will share with you are based upon principles revealed in the Bible about what life is worth living for.

Topics include: Your Life Perspective, Your Life Passion, Your Life Purpose, Your Life Potential and Living Your Kingdom Life Plan and includes the Strengthfinders 2.0 Assessment.

Designing lives that include purpose and passion is the driving force behind Life By Design. Our goal is to provide you with the tools that will help you build your life based on God’s unique design for you.

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What Others Are Saying About Life By Design

Testimonials Click Here

I am a big Bob Cavinder fan and I think Life by Design is going to make a difference in the world as it inspires men and women to embrace God’s calling and to move from success to significance.”

Ken Blanchard, Co-Author of the One Minute Manager


“Bob, I want to applaud your efforts in developing the Life by Design program.  Having known and worked with you over the years, I expect you to be successful in encouraging and equipping others to realize the truth of who God has created each of us to be.”

Zig Ziglar, Author and Motivational Teacher (1926-2012)


“Bob has found in Life by Design a way to help others realize the truth of who God created each to be.  It’s about living out their own gifts and passions.  Life by Design does what so many talk about, but don’t actually do – they clarify and implement.”

Fred Smith Sr.  Author, speaker and mentor. (1915-2007)


Always have a Dream. “Dreams give us energy to go to new levels.  Dreams change lives…  the power of life is in your Dreams”  If you are looking for your dream, Bob Cavinder and the Life by Design process will bring focus to the dream God has placed within you.

Having known Bob personally and in working with him over the years he and the Life by Design process will help you live your dreams.  I highly recommend it!

Rudy Ruettiger, Motivational speaker and author, also the inspiration behind the movie “Rudy”

Donate in 2023

Life by Design is a 501c3 non-profit organization and is supported by donations. All donations are tax deductible and your gift makes it possible for us to offer our ministry to others in the US and around the world.


For more information about Life by Design, Mastermind Groups, Coaching and Trainings please email us at findyourpurpose@lifebydesign.net