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Thoughts are powerful. They change our perspective, impact our decisions, and influence our habits. What do we do when we become trapped by our thoughts? Learn how to take your thoughts captive and win the war in your mind.  In This Series ;PART ONE:Winning the War in Your Mind. PART TWO; Take Your Mind Back. PART THREE; Defeat Your Negative Thoughts. PART FOUR; Calm My Anxious Mind.

Week One Handout: Winning the War in Your Mind

Week Two Handout: Take Your Mind Back

Week Three Handout: Defeat Your Negative Thoughts

Week Four Handout: Calm My Anxious Mind

Bridge definition – A connecting, transitional or immediate route or phase between two adjacent elements, activities, or conditions.  PART ONE: Bridges to burn.  (Letting go, purging, ridding, concluding, season to say goodbye to). PART TWO: Bridges to cross.  (Getting past what was, looking ahead to tomorrow and its promise.  Dropping hindrances that among us, concluding a season by pursing another).  PART THREE: Bridges to build.  (New vision, exciting opportunity, season of growth and discovery, a new thoroughfare in which to operate out or, a connective vision that leads to higher ground and embraced opportunity).

Session One Handout: Bridges to Burn

Session Two Handout: Bridges to Build

Session Three Handout: Bridges to Cross

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