Escape the Ordinary

Escape The Ordinary

In this groundbreaking video facilitated workshop called Escape the Ordinary, Bruce reveals how to experience the miraculous intervention of God as an everyday occurrence.  Based on the book, You Were Born for This by New York Times Best-selling author and teacher, Bruce Wilkinson

In his creative, story-driven, highly motivating style, Bruce reveals how you can recognize God’s promptings, learn the “protocols of heaven” and see God move through extraordinary ministry opportunities He sets up.

  • Session 1: Enlightenment: God Sends Angels on Missions
  • Session 2: Enlightenment: God Sends People on Missions
  • Session 3: Enlightenment: You Were Born to Be Sent on Missions
  • Session 4: Enlightenment: You Can Volunteer for a Divine Mission
  • Session 5: The 5 Operations of Mission Central
  • Session 6: The 4 Participants in Every Mission
  • Session 7: The 5 Signals in Every Mission
  • Session 8: The 5 Steps in Every Mission

Escape the Ordinary. Informative. Motivating. Life-changing. You will never be the same.

What Others Are Saying

I would recommend Escaping the Ordinary to those whose mission is to help others through life. Bruce has an easy to understand as well as a very good delivery of the information. This course takes the mystery out of helping people including evangelism to help people understand that God loves them.  Gary Larson

The overall training is solid, bible based and capable of getting one to think out of the box. The fact that stood out most -God, works through His believers, to accomplish His goals.  I would recommend Escaping The Ordinary to anyone who wishes to understand how God gets His work done in and through people. It was eye opening. Dr. Michael LeRoux

I would definitely recommend the class to others. What I learned in the class has given me more confidence to listen to the nudges and have the confidence to act on them. I have gained more of a belief and faith that God does intervene in our interactions with other people. Angela Garner

Yes, I would highly recommend ESCAPE the ORDINARY for others. The experience was enlightenment, insightful and meaningful providing depth and understanding to the subject materials for greater understanding You Were Born for This. The program spoke to me in ways no other ministry has and I am 84 years old…..”It’s my observation that the vast majority of believers live in darkness regarding the other dimension –and they have never imagined what is really going on and what God is really trying to do.”  Norm Hatfield

If you have ever wondered how or when God shows up in situations, this training will increase your awareness and open your eyes to amazing ways He lets His presence be known. His solutions are always best. Learn to take a step back and watch Him work. You will be amazed at how simple yet complex the process can be. You can be a Delivery Agent, if you are willing. Come learn and gain a deeper understanding. Jane Emberty


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Escaping the Ordinary

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