Life By Design Workshop

Refresh | Renew | Rethink | Reinvent 
The Next Chapter of Your Life

The Life By Design workshop will help you awaken your God-given dream and to help you build the life you were intended to live with Purpose and Passion.  Your personal purpose will be specific to you and as you listen to the stories of your life, you will identify the stages and seasons of your life, you’ll understand your hopes and heartaches and you will see how God is leading you into the rest of your story.  The Life By Design process can be done as a group and is also offered on an individual basis, online and in-person.

Session One:  Your Life Perspective

  • Move From Success to Significance
  • Identify your Season of Life

Session Two: Your God-Given Purpose

  • Discover God’s Purpose for your Life
  • Discover the Power of a Dream

Session Three:  Your God-Given Dream

  • Discover The Power of a Dream

Session Four:  Your God-Given Passion

  • Discover your God-Given Passion
  • Discover How To Turn Your Pain Into Your Passion

Session Five:  Your God-Given Potential

  • Discover your God-Given Strengths
  • Discover your Spiritual Gifts
  • Identify your Personal Values and Life Priorities

Session Six:  Your Life By Design Blueprint

  • Develop your Personal Purpose Statement

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