Living Your Life By Design

Living Your Life By Design

Next Session starts 2025    8:30AM – 10:00 AM Pacific Time via ZOOM. Registration Open

$39 Material Fee (Includes Participant Workbook and Clifton Strengths Assessment)  

Scholarships available

How Long: Seven week session (Via Zoom)

Ephesians 2:10 the apostle Paul says, “We are God’s handi­work, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” 

God calls you to a purpose—to do good works—“tailor-made” just for you. And He gifts you with all you need to accom­plish that purpose.  Have you discovered your purpose or are you in a season of looking to re-purpose your life? If so, join us for Living Your Life by Design.

Bob Buford, author of Half Time said; “the key to a successful second half is not a change of jobs, it is a change of heart, a change in the way you view the world and order your life.” Knowing your purpose may compel you to take on challenges that will stretch you as much as they inspire you.  

When God awakens His purpose in your heart, you won’t be able to let it go, you will pursue it until it has been fulfilled.  Life by Design features a proven process designed to help you discover, define and live out your vision along with your God given and personal purpose, passion and potential and to gain a new perspective on your life.

No matter your age or stage of life, take the next step in your spiritual, personal and professional life to move from success to significance. Living Your Life By Design.  You’ll develop your own personal purpose statement that will define who you are and it will reflect your vision, passion and potential and we will provide with your own Blueprint for your Spiritual, Personal and Professional Life.

Make the rest of your life, the best of your life.

  • Session One:  Introduction and Life Perspective
  • Session Two:  Discover your Season of Life
  • Session Three:  Discover your Passion and Develop your Purpose
  • Session Four:  Discover and Develop your True Potential (Includes Clifton Strengths Assessment)
  • Session Five:  Putting a Voice to your Vision
  • Session Six:  Develop your Personal Purpose Statement
  • Session Seven:  Your Life By Design Blueprint for Life    

What others are saying

Life by Design is an incredible map and instruction to help you find and stay committed to your vision. You discover what God has uniquely created you for. This program gives you step by step guidance on how to reach your vision, assess where you’re at and where you’re headed as well as what’s required to stay in step with your purpose. You are supported by great teachers and surrounded by a great community!   Kelli Michele

I was invited to the Life by Design class by a dear friend. I was not sure if taking the class would be beneficial as I was so busy and had taken what I thought were similar courses before. I was pleasantly pleased with the class and it far exceeded my expectations. I am forever grateful to have been invited to take part in what I now believe was a divine appointment to realign me with my life’s purpose. I am now living my life by design!  Jennie Schueneman

The Life By Design experience has given me the tools and the connections to move forward in my life purpose. I’ve identified a purpose and even created the beginnings of a plan to move forward.  Pam Minyard

I would definitely recommend Life by Design to others. Many times people do not take the time to get off the wheel of life to just to think and ask themselves lives important questions. Participating in Life by Design causes you to stop and think and ask the important questions and listen to what the spirit of God is say to you about then it gives you the tools to dig deeper within yourself to discover your Why    Pastor Harold Shaw

Life by Design is a tool that can help re-focus your present and equip you to spend the rest of your life living on purpose! But like any tool in the tool box, you have to use it. And when you do, you will be better for it. I strongly urge you to consider living your Life by Design     Pastor Kevin Suess

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Living Your Life by Design

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