About Life by Design

Vision Statement

Our vision is to encourage and equip others to discover the potential that God has placed within them and to develop servant leaders based on the life of Jesus.

Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to encourage and equip others to know God and make Him known by helping them discover their God given purpose and mission and to inspire them to be the person God created them to be  so that they will  leave a legacy of faith.

The Cavinder’s are the founders of Life by Design Inc, a non-profit organization focused on developing leaders and coaches to helping individuals and ministry based organizations reach their full potential.

Bob and Michelle’s years of training and equipping men and women at the Crystal Cathedral has helped them to develop the techniques necessary to encourage people to make the jump from knowledge – gaining new information, to wisdom – applying that knowledge correctly. This skill helps people make changes that last longer and makes a substantial difference in individuals and organizations.

Life by Design Board of Directors