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Personal Invitation 

Six Week Online Workshop: Live Your Life By Design

Starts Saturday July 24, 2021   (Six weeks via Zoom)


Refresh | Renew |Rethink| Reinvent |  The Next Chapter of Your Life

We would like to invite you to go on a journey.  The journey of discovering God’s purpose for your life and awakening the dream within.  It doesn’t matter what season of life you are in, God has a purpose for your life and is looking for men and women of all ages to make a difference in the lives of others.  If you have a passion to add value to others by encouraging and them to be all God intended them to be, please consider joining us.  We are inviting a select few to take this journey in hopes that you will consider becoming part of the Life by Design team.  This workshop has been underwritten and is  being offered at NO COST TO YOU!

Our goal is to give the ministry away and help others to dream again, to discover their God-given purpose, to ignite their passion and to maximize their potential. We have found our ministry and message to be timely as with the Corona Virus epidemic many people have lost meaning and purpose and we have seen increased depression among both youth and adults.  The opposite of depression is not happiness but having a purpose

Take the next step in your spiritual, personal and professional life to move from success to significance for Jesus. Live Your Life By God’s Design.  The training is 90 minutes per week for six weeks. This opportunity is being offered to only a select list of participants of which you are included. Each participant will receive a Life by Design Participants Guide. All you will need  to purchase is a new copy of the book, Living Your Strengths for this workshop.

Please watch our promotional video. This is perfect for husband wife teams as well.

The Life by Design workshop will help you awaken your God-given dream and help you build the life you were intended to live.  Your personal life purpose will be specific to you and as you listen to the stories of your life, you will identify the stages and seasons of your life, you’ll understand your hopes and heartaches and you will see how God is leading you into the rest of your story.

Session One:  Your Life Perspective

  • Move From Success to Significance
  • Identify your Season of Life

Session Two: Your God-Given Purpose

  • Discover God’s Purpose for your Life
  • Discover the Power of a Dream

Session Three:  Your God-Given Dream

  • Discover The Power of a Dream

Session Four:  Your God-Given Passion

  • Discover Your God-Given Passion
  • Discover How To Turn Your Pain Into Your Passion

Session Five:  Your God-Given Potential

  • Discover your God-Given Strengths
  • Discover your Spiritual Gifts
  • Identify your Personal Values and Life Priorities

Session Six:  Your Life By Design Blueprint

  • Develop your Personal Purpose Statement

When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours.

Romans 1:12

We hope you will join us!

Bob and Michelle Cavinder

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