What Others Are Saying

What others nationally and around the world are saying about Life by Design

Life by Design is a course that brings an immense amount of personal insight to an individual who wants to seek more purpose and Godly inspiration to their life. I highly recommend this course. You will be amazed by the step-by-step process that brings you clarity of purpose and excitement about what is next!    Debbie Lips

This program was so enlightening and meaningful in the time of my life right now. Starting to slow down and want to be more giving. This group and program is for everyone, during these challenging times we are currently living through, I can tell you this put it all into perspective. I would recommend this course for all levels of Christ followers!    Danny Duarte

Life by Design is a tool that can help re-focus your present and equip you to spend the rest of your life living on purpose! But like any tool in the tool box, you have to use it. And when you do, you will be better for it. I strongly urge you to consider living your Life by Design     Pastor Kevin Suess

I would definitely recommend Life by Design to others. Many times people do not take the time to get off the wheel of life to just to think and ask themselves lives important questions. Participating in Life by Design causes you to stop and think and ask the important questions and listen to what the spirit of God is say to you about then it gives you the tools to dig deeper within yourself to discover your Why    Pastor Harold Shaw

The experience was one that was structured, relevant, caring, collaborative and growth enduring. It was an ideal size also in that everyone had an opportunity to participate. Michelle & Bob work flawlessly together in designing and delivering a quality experience.    Dan Williams

The Life By Design program stood out as each session built a pathway (Blueprint for Life) for examination of self-understanding – opening the opportunity for each individual – the big picture for turning (your) potentials into significant growth steps. Everything was useful to me, the reality for me is to understand that I should not base my sense of purpose on what the world thinks is valuable. Purpose is what God has purposed for me to do. It is what I do purposefully for the Lord.  Norm Hatfield

The Life By Design experience has given me the tools and the connections to move forward in my life purpose. I’ve identified a purpose and even created the beginnings of a plan to move forward.  Pam Minyard

The class is a great starting place to introduce or reacquaint oneself with the unique strengths that make up your best you. The process can empower and encourage you to join those strengths with your values, and what brings you joy, and compliment them with your spiritual gifts. Je’net Kreitner

Life by Design is an incredible map and instruction to help you find and stay committed to your vision. You discover what God has uniquely created you for. This program gives you step by step guidance on how to reach your vision, assess where you’re at and where you’re headed as well as what’s required to stay in step with your purpose. You are supported by great teachers and surrounded by a great community!   Kelli Michele

Life by Design is a wonderful platform. My Paradigm are always challenged and my horizons Expanded. Sitting in and listening insights from different perspectives both a blessing and great joy to me. I am determined to live to the fullest and the best I am capable of becoming. Life by Design is encouraging and supporting me in this process. You complete a session to just realize there is more to life: more to know, more to aims at and more to live by.  I am recommending this training to my friend whom I think can get the most out of it. Coming from a french speaking country, it is always had to have people who can speak some English to recommend this program to, but those who can speak some English, I am recommending it to them.   Pastor Jean Swedi (Uganda)

I’m so grateful for Life by Design.  We’re meant to know our gifts, our passions — and journey to use them!  Thank you for your guidance.   I appreciate your support in helping me become the person God means for me to be.May others be blessed by this effort too!  Tobi Aclaro 

I was invited to the Life by Design class by a dear friend. I was not sure if taking the class would be beneficial as I was so busy and had taken what I thought were similar courses before. I was pleasantly pleased with the class and it far exceeded my expectations. I am forever grateful to have been invited to take part in what I now believe was a divine appointment to realign me with my life’s purpose. I am now living my life by design!  Jennie Schueneman

” I am a big Bob Cavinder fan and I think Life by Design is going to make a difference in the world as it inspires men and women to embrace God’s calling and to move from success to significance.”

Ken Blanchard, Co-Author of the One Minute Manager


“Bob, I want to applaud your efforts in developing the Life by Design program.  Having known and worked with you over the years, I expect you to be successful in encouraging and equipping others to realize the truth of who God has created each of us to be.”

Zig Ziglar, Author and Motivational Teacher (1926-2012)


“Bob has found in Life by Design a way to help others realize the truth of who God created each to be.  It’s about living out their own gifts and passions.  Life by Design does what so many talk about, but don’t actually do – they clarify and implement.”

Fred Smith Sr.  Author, speaker and mentor. (1915-2007)


Always have a Dream. “Dreams give us energy to go to new levels.  Dreams change lives…  the power of life is in your Dreams”  If you are looking for your dream, Bob Cavinder and the Life by Design process will bring focus to the dream God has placed within you.

Having known Bob personally and in working with him over the years he and the Life by Design process will help you live your dreams.  I highly recommend it!

Rudy Ruettiger, Motivational speaker and author, also the inspiration behind the movie “Rudy”.