What Others Are Saying About Life by Design

Life by Design is a course that brings an immense amount of personal insight to an individual who wants to seek more purpose and Godly inspiration to their life. I highly recommend this course. You will be amazed by the step-by-step process that brings you clarity of purpose and excitement about what is next!    Debbie Lips

This program was so enlightening and meaningful in the time of my life right now. Starting to slow down and want to be more giving. This group and program is for everyone, during these challenging times we are currently living through, I can tell you this put it all into perspective. I would recommend this course for all levels of Christ followers!    Danny Duarte

Life by Design is a tool that can help re-focus your present and equip you to spend the rest of your life living on purpose! But like any tool in the tool box, you have to use it. And when you do, you will be better for it. I strongly urge you to consider living your Life by Design     Pastor Kevin Suess

I would definitely recommend Life by Design to others. Many times people do not take the time to get off the wheel of life to just to think and ask themselves lives important questions. Participating in Life by Design causes you to stop and think and ask the important questions and listen to what the spirit of God is say to you about then it gives you the tools to dig deeper within yourself to discover your Why    Pastor Harold Shaw

The experience was one that was structured, relevant, caring, collaborative and growth enduring. It was an ideal size also in that everyone had an opportunity to participate. Michelle & Bob work flawlessly together in designing and delivering a quality experience.    Dan Williams

I have great faith and trust in the character and the integrity of Life by Design, the skill sets of Bob and Michelle for open communications and dialog, with full transparency Life by Design can show you how God can use your most agonizing, baffling trails for your growth and His glory….and how, in the meantime, you can find comfort in His presence for a purpose driven life and His love for you as His child.  Norm Hatfield